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At any time, our body is a victim of pollution, stress and not well balanced feeding leading the accumulation of toxins and wastes. Ideally, our body is expected to eliminate naturally these toxins but sometimes a slight helping hand, particularly at each seasonal change or before a diet is not superfluous. DRAINAFLORE ORGANIC DETOX Phials are specially formulated from plants to help the elimination of these toxins and wastes.

Quack grass* aqueous extract (80 mg**), Rosemary* (leaf) (80 mg**), Chicory* (root) (80 mg**), Heartsease* (flowering top) (80mg**), Great Mullein* (flowering top) (80 mg**), Thyme* (leaf) (80mg**) - Prune* juice (2418 mg***)- Concentrated grape* juice (1180mg***)- Black Radish* juice (765 mg***) - Concentrated Elderberry* juice (494mg***), Aloe Vera* juice (300 mg***) - Thickening agent : gum acacia* ( vegetable fiber) - Aqueous extracts of Burdock* (root) (60 mg**), Ash tree* (leaf) (60 mg**) and Meadowsweet* (flowering top) (60 mg**), Birch solids* (leaf) (75mg**) (carrier : maltodextrin - 15 mg**).
* Ingredients proceeding from organic farming.

Take particularly:
- When feeling tired or has a lack of energy.
- When there's a change of season (summer, autumn)
- Before taking any other programs (e.g. slimming)
- Every time elimination organs do not work properly (kidneys, liver, bowels etc)
- After a period of excess food intake

A strategic approach to quality
Our quality policy calls for a stringent raw material selection process in order to obtain the best that plants and natural products have to offer.
- Origin
- Specifications
- Quality

Every stage is monitored and controlled from selecting the ingredient through to packaging. This approach guarantees product traceability, upstream and downstream, to provide consumers with a high level of quality and safety in accordance with current French and European regulations.

Our certification:
Our production site is certified organic for the purchase, receipt, transformation, packaging and distribution of organic products.
The company was awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2005 and focuses first and foremost on the client, since may 2013, we are awarded ISO 22000.

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